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Your First Visit

Hands cupping the sunWelcome To Our Friendly Alice Office

Rest assured, your visits to Jim Wells County Chiropractic will be productive and educational. A typical new patient can expect to be greeted with a friendly smile when they walk in our doors!

The Doctor will review your symptoms and ask you some questions regarding the problems you are having. We will conduct a thorough yet gentle exam which can include neurological tests, orthopedic tests and x-ray imaging.

Determining Your Chiropractic Care Plan

Sometimes depending on the exam the Doctor will treat the patient with a chiropractic adjustment, other times the Doctor will prescribe muscle work, electrical muscle stimulation or stretching to help relieve any pain symptoms.

The Chiropractors in Alice Won’t Make You Wait

Typically patients do not wait long at all in our office. With several Doctors on staff we have the ability to see patients immediately!

Find out what happens on your second and regular visits to Jim Wells County Chiropractic.

First Visit at Jim Wells County Chiropractic | (361) 664-1181