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About Jim Wells County Chiropractic

Happy familyQuality Chiropractic Care For Alice and All of Jim Wells County

Our practice was established in 2011 and Alice was an easy choice for our location. The reason we chose this region is because we love the people and the feel of South Texas. Born and raised in South Texas, as a Chiropractor in Alice, I’ve always loved the laid back friendly lifestyle that comes with the region.

With Alice’s rich history as a hub city, we love the fact that we are able to provide care to Alice as well as its surrounding communities including San Diego, Freer, Ben Bolt, Agua Dulce, Banquete, Orange Grove, Premont, Falfurrias, Hebronville, Benavides and many more.

When designing our practice we focused mainly on a family atmosphere where everyone would feel comfortable and be able to get the help they need. We pride ourselves on treating everyone with the best care possible so when patients know a family member or friend who needs help they know they are in good hands with us.

We strive to help our Jim Wells County patients and their families to be healthier, happier and more active. We also strive to develop a fun and enjoyable office atmosphere, not only for the patients but also for our employees and doctors.

A Wellness Vision For Jim Wells County

Our vision as the Alice TX Chiropractor is an Alice community where everyone who needs or desires help will be able to receive the great quality care that they deserve, regardless if they have insurance or not.

Our mission is to help as many people as we can by providing the highest quality of patient-specific care in a positive and welcoming environment.

Can a Alice TX Chiropractor Care Help?

Many wonder if we can help and how long will it take before they are better? Everyone is a unique individual and responds differently to chiropractic care, just as everyone responds differently to other types of care and treatment. Some people respond very quickly to care and others respond a little slower. Everyone has different injuries, different traumas throughout their life, and different jobs. After we treat and assess someone we have a better idea on their healing time and how they will respond to treatments.

We would like for everyone to have the time, energy and ability to live their choice of a healthy and pain-free lifestyle. That may mean a triathlon for some or playing out back with their grandchildren for others.

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